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The primary component of a WindGravity Opportunity Statement is the Scope of Work. This is where WindGravity begins to help our clients develop their strategic plans for changing the forces affecting their business.



Understanding the culture and business environment created.  Our clients companies are successful because they have excellent employees, so we must embrace their enthusiasm and reflect it in all presentations of the company. 

  • Review of business plan
  • Understanding financial operations and budgeting.
  • Products/services features, functions and benefits
  • Understanding customer and value proposition
  • Understanding overall market (trends, size and other market research)
  • Understanding of competitors (product and value proposition)
  • Understanding sales process, marketing and advertising

Plan Drafting & Product/Service Analysis

WindGravity will begin building a plan to address the operational area of focus with management during the Education Initiative.


All business should have a current version of their Business Plan, not just the current year plan or budget, but a living document that represents the overall direction and plan of the company. WindGravity will review current documents or help in the creating of the two core components, Executive Summary and Business Plan.

  • Executive Summary: The base 1-2 pager or “Elevator Pitch” providing the overall description of business, market and metrics.  
  • Business Plan: The core of which is the current business products, services, sales and marketing, operations and financials.

It goes without saying, that understand how a company generates revenue is essential in any evaluation of the operation.  WindGravity sets to work with management in understanding the feature set of our client’s products/services.

  • Feature, Function and Benefit information
  • Pricing strategy
  • Customer value proposition and any associated ROI
  • Understand current or potential partners and customers


At this point we look at the Plan & Product/Service Analysisand develop the go forward strategy that meets the objectives of our client.  This will also include the plan for execution and measurement controls to ensure the implementation of the strategy can easily be monitored.



Review of Deliverables, Milestones and Progress of business relationship.



The following defines the milestone process for each deliverable.

  • Requirement review and signed off
  • Data Gathering and Input
  • Draft of documentation
  • Review of drafted material
  • Final presentation of documentation
  • Client Approval

Milestone 1: Education

  • Draft of Opportunity Statement begins based on review of documentation provided.
  • Definition of strategic requirements as defined by management reviewed against information documented during Education Initiative.

Milestone 2: Plan Drafting & Product/Service Analysis

  • Executive Summary / Business Plan
  • Presentation of Draft Strategic Plans

Milestone 3: Execution

  • Final Strategic Plans documented and road map defined
  • Consolidated documentation of first two milestones

Milestone 4: Evaluation

WindGravity services and go forward Plans and Road Map review by management