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WindGravity has designed the Opportunity Statement to make the process of establishing a relationship as simple as possible for our clients.  By laying out clear objectives under clearly defined Phases and Initiatives, we are able to ensure that core business principals are the foundation to the relationship.The Opportunity Statement process is also designed around our “flexibility to adapt” principal, experience has proven time and time again, that by not adapting to the environment, we will fail to have our clients point of view and therefore fail to deliver stakeholder value.

Objectives of the Opportunity Statement

  • Establish business relationship
  • Build business plan
  • Identify strategic options
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Define milestones

Four Initiatives under Scope of Work

  • Initiative 1: Education
  • Initiative 2: Plan Drafting & Product/Service Analysis
  • Initiative 3: Execution
  • Initiative 4: Evaluation